Practical and intentional solutions
to grow your social business in a
connected, purpose-driven way.


Strategy Implementation

Align and integrate your organization’s strategic objectives, processes, roles and behaviors to successfully grow together.

Organizational Effectiveness

Build sustainable practices to take care of your people so that individuals remain connected to team, purpose and growth.

Systems for Change

Leverage technology to manage organizational data and insights, streamline for scale and help your teams work more effectively.

Connected Purpose Consulting aims to improve the way social businesses grow and operate by delivering lasting business solutions that empower teams to do their jobs with more purpose, clarity and confidence.

Passion (and reflection) led me here...

Building and running healthy, impact-maximizing organizations that take care of their teams through growth and change is not easy work. Balancing the quick and easy solution for tomorrow while systematically designing solutions for the long run always presents real trade-offs, not for lack of intention or know-how but often because everyone’s plates are full.

Chances are, I’ve experienced firsthand many of the difficult challenges your organization is going through. I’m Vivian, a freelance organizational and systems consultant and social enterprise professional who is passionate about helping teams, particularly the people who make up these teams, thrive. Read more about me and the vision behind CPC here.

Let's Chat

My sweet spot lies in working with small-to-medium sized social enterprises and innovative non-profit organizations who need support scaling up or streamlining operations. Currently based in the Philippines, I have experience working with distributed, multinational teams, so don’t let distance get in the way!

If you think CPC can help, please get in touch to discuss the challenges your organization is facing and to explore how we can work together.

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