CPC intentionally focuses on some key operational services that it believes
powerfully influence the way your team communicates and collaborates.

On the surface, these are business processes and tools that will help your organization run more effectively; but at their core and when implemented with intention, CPC’s approach aims to ensure that teams continue to remain deeply connected to their purpose, even through periods of complex change or growth.

This is the Connected Purpose Consulting way.

Strategy Implementation

Doing something world-changing requires a lot of creativity and innovation. With every new business idea, experiment, pivot or validated solution (plus the failed ones too!), it can be both exciting and overwhelming to adjust your strategy and operations with the future in mind. Let’s work with your team to align on your strategic direction and develop the necessary tools to move forward together to help you achieve your strategic objectives.

    • Strategic planning design and management to organize your team around your goals
    • Product and customer value chain alignment to ensure processes, systems and roles are working in sync
    • Creation or improvement of processes and workflow tools that help improve day-to-day collaboration and communication
    • Management tools and practices that are easy to replicate without ongoing external support

Organizational Effectiveness

Your people are your biggest asset, yet internal structures to support a healthy organizational culture and professional growth can often be an afterthought or something you just simply don’t have time to create or professionalize. While a diagnostic makes an ideal first step to identify and prioritize your needs, a strategic and holistic approach to organizational effectiveness leads to a healthier foundation upon which to grow your social business and team culture.

    • Framework and procedures for performance management and professional development
    • Hiring, onboarding and other employee management processes and tools
    • Organization and role (re)design, especially during moments of change and uncertainty
    • Change management and project management, particularly for cross-functional initiatives
    • Team retreats and coaching for culture-building and more mindful interactions

Systems for Change

Chances are your team is dreaming big, evolving fast and often responding to challenges in the moment. Information management and data-driven decision-making are key for scalability and replicability, regardless of your team’s size or maturity. The earlier you start, the easier things may be as your data and processes become more complex! With the design and implementation of appropriate data and technology solutions, your team can focus on your customers and core competencies with more confidence and less stress.

    • Internal workflow design and knowledge management so that operational know-how, especially interdependencies, are streamlined and institutionalized
    • Data flow design, integration and optimization for efficient KPI and impact measurement
    • Software system assessment and implementation*, from vendor selection, requirements design, and configuration to testing, training and continuous improvement (*CPC is vendor-agnostic, so our depth of expertise varies depending on the CRM, HRM, ERP, accounting or workflow solution selected)
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