Impact Snapshot

  • OPERATIONAL SCALE-UP - successfully prepared Wedu's mentorship program for scale and quality by experimenting with and adding new services; expanding the team and roles to support upcoming growth; and implementing a CRM system for more streamlined customer data management (see Impact Highlight below for more details)
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING - implemented an annual strategic planning process that is still being used today at Wedu to distill 3-5 year goals into concrete objectives, workplans and KPIs for each team and individual for the upcoming year
  • TALENT MANAGEMENT - designed and implemented a competency framework used across hiring and employee performance management, as well as more ongoing professional development conversations, career growth and culture-building
  • VALUE CHAIN & ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN - facilitated and managed workshops and strategic discussions to collaboratively design processes and systems for new customer and program management needs at Wedu; successfully integrated these changes with the current state, from tweaking brand language and adapting roles to identifying new process interdependencies and systems and data implications
  • SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT - set up in-house and subcontractor manufacturing operations for Rags2Riches and consolidated sales forecasts, production plans, inventory management and bill of material management to improve its sales and operations planning cycles

Impact Highlight

Evolving program and customer management to support hundreds more women leaders

Challenge | Three years into Wedu’s operations, the organization was seeing steady growth in the number of women leaders being selected to receive mentorship and had recently made a commitment to reach 1,000 women in the next three years. With a single person running its homegrown mentorship program, Wedu had to think about scaling with limited resources and evolve quickly without disrupting existing operations.

Solution |

  • PEOPLE – it was no longer realistic to expect one person to provide the level of mentorship support to our community anymore. Vivian worked with Wedu’s Leadership Development Coordinator to define supporting roles and reshape her role; design a hiring and onboarding process; and develop new metrics for monitoring quality and performance.
  • PROCESS – to maintain the program’s longevity and intent, the team introduced rematching, in-person support and more strategic mentor recruitment efforts. Doing so required testing different options before a full roll-out, as well as building, aligning and continuously improving internal operations in order to support Wedu’s expanded set of services and needs.
  • SYSTEMS – with a larger team and more complex processes and program options, it was clear that spreadsheets would no longer support this growth. Wedu opted for Salesforce CRM, where Vivian led, with the support of external consultants, its first two phases of requirements definition, configuration and go-live, resulting in better customer management, impact measurement and program monitoring.

Impact | This transformation allowed Wedu to successfully manage at least double the number of customers at the same level of quality and customer satisfaction. More defined processes, division of responsibility and tracking systems allowed the team to streamline its operating cycles, stay organized around a growing suite of programs and services, and evolve into a more sophisticated leadership development organization.

Wedu is a leadership development organization that provides lifelong mentorship, leadership development programs and innovative education financing to women changemakers from across Asia. Founded in 2012 and based in Bangkok, Thailand, Wedu has supported well over 1,000 young women from across 24 different countries to date.
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