Connected Purpose Consulting (CPC) was founded with the vision to nurture social businesses into more meaningful and fulfilling workplaces for the people who pour their heart and energy into changing the world.

Vivian Lee

Vivian founded CPC because of her passion to continue working with social enterprises in a way that is focused and intentional. She loves utilizing systems thinking and organizational strategy to help solve complex problems and build high-performing operations and teams. With her hands-on experience, leadership skills and desire to help people connect with their purpose and self-worth, Vivian has a unique ability to apply systems-level, results-driven, critical thinking with intuition and empathy in all of her work.

Vivian is the former COO of Wedu (Thailand) and former Operations Director of Rags2Riches (Philippines). Prior to transitioning into the social impact space, Vivian was an operations management consultant in the US. In 2011, she was selected as an Impact Catalyst Fellow with LGT Venture Philanthropy and holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences from Northwestern University.


Every engagement is tailored to your organization’s specific needs and will be founded upon the key pillars that CPC uses to conduct all of its work.

Skilled Generalist

Adept at combining big picture, systems thinking with critical, detailed analysis and resourcefulness to help organizations find solutions and get things done

Consultant Mindset

Use of best practices, benchmarks and structured approaches from diverse industries, combined with thoughtful adaptation to your specific circumstances and stage of growth

Commitment to Impact

Fully invested in getting to know your organization and rolling up my sleeves with your team to ensure that solutions last and that real and meaningful business results are achieved


Networked and partnering with other consultants, experts and service providers in the ecosystem to deliver the most effective and appropriate solutions for each engagement

Chris Schultz, Director, Learning & Organization Development at DKSH

“Vivian has a deep understanding of the importance of purpose to any successful organization, and how to align employees’ heads, hearts and hands to turn purpose into action.”

Mario Ferro, Co-Founder and CEO at Wedu

“I had the privilege of working closely with Vivian for the key years of growth of Wedu and learned a lot about how to build an organization from the ground up, with processes, building  a culture, nurturing talent. I particularly admire her rare ability to masterfully balance intelligent, well structured analysis with a deep understanding of human nature. Every organization at every stage can benefit from Vivian’s talents.”

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